Current state analysis

Examine the situation from bird's eye view to identify process gaps.

Current state analysis
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Operational leaders aspire to create standardised processes to improve efficiency and reduce deviations. But often due to lack of effective on-ground monitoring and constant changes in the environment, processes vary. Current state analysis helps define the processes, owners and KPIs.

Customer testimonial

The team focused on the current state analysis to identify key areas of improvement. As an end result we achieved concrete set of observations, recommendations and even a calculation tool to support daily decision-making.

Senior executive, Food & Beverage industry
Reduced equipment failures upon delivery to customers

Focus on the highest value activities, identify obstacles to organize efficiently

85 % Decision makers believe processes help share knowledge
manufacturing current state analysis

Reduced equipment failures upon delivery to customers

About 1% of EquipmentCo.’s deliveries lead to out-of-box failures (OBF). This resulted in customer dissatisfaction and increased delivery costs. Therefore, EquipmentCo. sought to identify the root cause of these failures, identify solutions together with KPIs to measure OBFs.

Standardise maintenance process and scout a digital solution

Enforce line accountability with change led by frontline workforce in their routine

60 % Value comes from new or improved processes
chemical industry operations

Standardise maintenance process and scout a digital solution

MaterialsCo.'s factories lacked cohesive and standardised maintenance processes. Maintenance across factories were reactive or corrective in nature. MaterialsCo. sought to change this to a proactive and predictive way in order to reduce production disruptions, save costs and increase productivity.

Map and define core processes to reduce errors

Flag and eliminate variations, disruptions, rework, or exceptions that slow the workflow

25 % Lost productivity is due to unneeded processes
food & beverage operations

Map and define core processes to reduce errors

ConfectioneryCo. lacked clarity of its high-level company core business processes. With the help of on-demand workforce it was able to streamline key decisions within the company and reduce process variance.

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